Samsara tattoo studio located 20 mintutes north of Coffs Harbour, in the chilled costal town of Corindi Beach.

Home to the talented artistry of:

Jamie Peculiar 

This multi dimensional artist is the humble owner of  Samsara. Miss Peculiar was kind enough to invite me in for the weekend to do a guest spot. Her style is a mix of neo tradional and greywash realism, she is well known for her stunning feminine touch and well thought out designs. Jamie burst onto the scene many moons ago and began a plan to establish her brand and business as a high end boutique style studio, it was inspiring to meet such a dedicated artist who has worked tirelessly to achieve her dream. The studio sets a new benchmark for the region. Miss Peculiars passion for creating unique pieces of art carries through everlasting imagery, tailoring to those in search of original and thought provoking tattoos with a hint of magic.
Ash Gravino 

Mr Gravino is nothing short of a wizard! Ash is well known in the tattoo industry as a legend in his own right. Always up for a challenge he is constantly evolving his style to meet his clients requests and his natural artist flair makes his work appear effortless. Ash is exceptionally talented at incorporating varied styles and techniques such as realism, surrealism, watercolour, geometric, traditional and portraiture. Some may recognise Ash from expos and conventions across Australia. He prides himself on customer satisfaction and will leave you wanting to book in for more! Samsara really is a dynamic studio where you can meet a friendly, hardworking family and find someone who can provide you with exactly what your looking for.

Amber Carbury

Amber is an absolute gem. She exudes a warm infectious energy which was a pleasure to be around. Miss Carbury began as and still is a phenomenal visual artist. Seamlessly transitioning into the tattoo industry under the insightful gaze of Miss Peculiar, Amber was Samsaras first apprentice. Although she hasn’t been in the game long she is definitely one to watch. With a steady following of dedicated clients who love her whimsical style which celebrates Mother Nature and all her beauty. Amber is multi talented and enjoys helping people along their journey though her meaningful gift. I had the pleasure of witnessing Amber transform an old piece the client wished to modify, as you know cover ups can prove challenging even for seasoned artists and Amber made it look so easy. If you’re looking for something truely unique I emplore you to check out what she’s producing.

Rachel Waddell

Rachel is the newest member of the Samsara family, currently apprenticing under Miss Peculiar. I enjoyed meeting this lovely young woman and was eager to help her on her tattoo journey so I offered my leg as her canvas. She is clearly a natural, producing a clean traditional rose. I also had the pleasure of tattooing a symbolic sternum piece on Rachel during my stay, which I’m looking forward to adding too. There’s no doubt in my mind that in no time, along with the wisdom and support of the Samsara family, she will bloom into a well sought out artist in her own right. It’s great to meet passionate and like minded individuals from all walks of life, seeing where they’ve come from and the direction they’ve chosen. I look forward to reading more about your journey through your artwork.


There really is so much more than what meets the eye when you come across a powerful team who have chosen to work in an industry which is still to this day somewhat taboo in society. It opened my eyes and warmed my heart to witness and experience first hand what we as individuals are doing as a collective in this new age of walking canvases. I look forward to catching up and working again with the awesome crew that is Samsara. Thank you for having me.

Samsara tattoo studio 

Ph 6649 2393

2/97 Pacific st Corindi 


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