Rites of Passage 

Well I was promised by Mel the event organiser that this years rites of passage was going tobe the best one ever…… 

Mel and her crew defiantly delivered that and more 

To theme an expo – lettering legends , Was an amazing idea and that brought out some of the best lettering artists across the world, (we have some of the best right here in Australia just sayin haha) 

I met Mel at the Sydney expo the month before, she welcomed me with passes into rites and a media pass so I could do my thing.
Massive shout out to her, it sucks it’s her last one, but I know we will continue to grow a positive friendship meeting through this amazing industry. 
I got into Melb Saturday arvo, I wanted to capture more of the expo in the later hours when Tattooer’s were abit more relax and on the tail end of the work 
I managed to snag a few good photos of artists having a laugh, and that what it’s all about, it’s a work convention technically, but when you love what you do it’s more like a big celebration of artwork and family getting together. 
The Australian tattoo culture is growing exponentially and with that brings a vast variety of artists, all working in the own styles, you can get absoloutly anything you desire. 

As a whole the expo was one of the best I’ve been to, I’m a big fan of lettering and found that having them theme rites , incouraged non script artists trying there hand at it.

I look forward to the next rites of passage and hopefully the new organisers will bring it like Mel and her crew have done for the last few years. 
Full photo log on Facebook – inkdevotion 

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