Little Black Bird

Little Black Bird Tattoo Studio

Is located in Victoria about an hour from Albury/Wodonga Situated at 53 Vincent rd Wangaratta, a Beautifully set out studio recently opened by female artist Reesha. Thoughtfully laid out , A calming reception with rustic charm, opening into private rooms. 

A smaller artist base but a studio with room to grow, and in talks for me to guest spot later in the year. 

reesha is a hungry artist and works most styles with competence, creating a relaxed vibe for her clients while giving them a custom one off piece of art.

Reesha welcomed me into little black bird and I instantly felt right at home, this is a space that just inspires creativity.


 Adam kidd – black and grey realistic artist, spending his life emersed in his art, working in many mediums, constantly pushing himself and growing his skill set 

I met Adam a year ago, and we instantly became good mates and have been building a solid friendship from that day, I’m keen for him to get up to Newcastle for guest spots at the new impact tattoos where I call home 

Adam is a great bloke and part of the Inkd family.



 I enjoyed my visit while down in Victoria 

A Beautiful space and I look forward to the flight of little black bird 
Facebook -littleblackbirdwangaratta 

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