Australian Tattoo Expo 

The Australian Tattoo Expo, 

Was held in darling harbour over the weekend, the new venue, Showcased the fuel girls from the UK, Amazing acrobatics and fire shows.

World class artists, not only from Australia, But all over the world.

I set out on march 1st, to walk from Newcastle to Sydney for the expo, sleeping rough along the way and for the whole month to raise awareness for the homeless,

I met some characters along the way, And after walking over 120kms I made it 

Stoked to see the new venue,

Special thank you to Mel, the event organiser Who gave me free passes for the expo and after party

It’s great to see someone passionate about building the expo into a brand and I look forward to future expos under her management.
I snapped alot of photos over the weekend 

And there available on the INK DEVOTION Facebook page,
It’s great to see the tattoo culture thriving here in australia 

One thing I will remind Tattoo artists,

You are your own brand

I noticed the more well followed artists at the convention, Use a simple logo with there name Something recognisable, So you know them straight away.

Photos of your tattoos on your banner, Out date pretty quick and changing banners and cards every expo, I find I get confused with who’s who.It’s all online now days so your booth should be directing Clients to social sites. 
Overall I had a great weekend, met some awesome people 
Looking forward to rites 
Till then 


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