Australian Tattoo Expo 

The Australian Tattoo Expo, 

Was held in darling harbour over the weekend, the new venue, Showcased the fuel girls from the UK, Amazing acrobatics and fire shows.

World class artists, not only from Australia, But all over the world.

I set out on march 1st, to walk from Newcastle to Sydney for the expo, sleeping rough along the way and for the whole month to raise awareness for the homeless,

I met some characters along the way, And after walking over 120kms I made it 

Stoked to see the new venue,

Special thank you to Mel, the event organiser Who gave me free passes for the expo and after party

It’s great to see someone passionate about building the expo into a brand and I look forward to future expos under her management.
I snapped alot of photos over the weekend 

And there available on the INK DEVOTION Facebook page,
It’s great to see the tattoo culture thriving here in australia 

One thing I will remind Tattoo artists,

You are your own brand

I noticed the more well followed artists at the convention, Use a simple logo with there name Something recognisable, So you know them straight away.

Photos of your tattoos on your banner, Out date pretty quick and changing banners and cards every expo, I find I get confused with who’s who.It’s all online now days so your booth should be directing Clients to social sites. 
Overall I had a great weekend, met some awesome people 
Looking forward to rites 
Till then 


2012 Tattoo Company

2012 Tattoo Company
across two locations
Broadmeadow and Charlestown square

The Broadmeadow shop is located at the nineways, a beautifully thought out space, Adorned with taxidermy animals, bugs and ancient artefacts

It’s a taste of a creative space, well thought out and executed even better.

The Charlestown shop is no exception, its hard to create a space that can slot right into a shopping centre, not be over done or tacky but also have a separate tattoo space from the front of house, and its been knocked out of the park, beautiful studio something to be very proud of.

With the biggest staff of tattoo artists I’ve ever written about it was hard to tee everyone up, as we all know what organising tattooers is like, however at 2012 they are all a great bunch of people, which stems back to there boss Pat, an amazing colour and black & grey realism artist, that can nail anything, Supported by his wife Emma and his children,

Pats employees speak so highly of him, holding art nights regularly to expand his apprentices skills, where he shouts them dinner every time

it seems more like a big family, and in the tattoo industry, family is a must.


Matt – Totally chilled dude, we get along like a house on fire, and my first contact getting me into meet the crew at 2012, Matts style is a mix of neotrad influenced with a his own new school twist, Matt melds them together to create one of a kind grey or colour pieces I’d be proud to wear. 

Kit – A Reclusive Tattooer who prides himself in large Japanese work, giving a one on one experience to his clients, from the old school and someone I hold in the highest respect, Kit was abit weary of me, Walking in todo the blog but after 5 minutes chatting you could tell he could see where I was coming from, and the conversation flowed, I look forward to chatting more to someone who’s seen the tattoo industry go from the underground to the mainstream. 

John – formerly a school teacher, turning tattoo artist, John specialises in fine line blackwork tattoos, heavily influenced by that European style, clean black lines and whipped out shading, one of my favourite styles and he nails this perfectly.

Estelle – absolutely delightful chatting to this girl, Estelle is cheery, friendly and brings the energy up, beautifully achieving dot work mandalas, neo traditional/realistic stylised tattoos, I will be saving some space to get a tattoo off this one that’s for sure.

Seb – Super smooth black & grey relistic artist,Who has pops of colour realism every so often, I wish he’d do more of this, as his colour work is as clean and presise and his greywash, Totally underrated and one to watch in the next few years. 

Bella – A wonderful personality, Bella brings a great vibe to 2012, Doing amazing work, black & grey or colour, it doesn’t matter, I hate calling artists – Tattooer’s but Tattooer’s do it all and that’s what Bella can do, and do it with skill, Bella’s peers can learn alot just from watching her.  

Shannon – influenced from a comic book style, hand drawing artwork, following traditional lines but making it his own, keen to see where he goes from here, both in his tattooing and comic illustrations.

Maddi – Manager, and cosmetic tattoo artist, Maddi is the glue that holds the artists together, while answering the phone and seeing to the day to day operations,

Such a big job organising Tattooer’s and she’s killing it.! 

Barry – home on his motorbike or jamming on his guitar, right away you get that old school rocker Tattooer vibe, Doing some really nice traditional work, Barry’s a down to earth, top bloke and someone you just wanna be around. 

Cassie – A young graphic stylised artist, who can create masterpieces via the iPad Pro in a matter of minutes, designing fun colourful tattoos, that you can’t help your from smiling over, a wizard on the iPad. 
Nikki – Resident laser tattoo removal artist, Removing those unwanted tattoos to make room for some amazing pieces done in house at 2012

All and all, I was welcomed into the 2012 tattoo company and will continue to grow my relationship with the crew, as we all are in the same profession and my aim is to build everyone up and show case the artists here 

The boss is refelected in his team, and they all are a bunch of kind hearted people who I want to see do well, not only in this industry but In life 

Well done Pat and Emma 

You should be proud of the tattoo family you have created and the beautiful environment to get your everlasting artwork. 

I’ve missed a few people since my last visit, but plan to come back and meet the rest of the crew.

Broadmeadow 2012, 5 Lambton road nineways 

Charlstown 2012, lower level charlstown square 

Facebook- 2012 tattoo company 

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