It’s a candy bar right ?

What’s inside the gold wrapper

Such a simple idea, but there’s nothing simple about what the boys from Numbskulled have created.

Numbskulled have developed a whole line of products that when all used Together heal flawless tattoo work ,
so what your artist puts on you, stays there forever

Flesh foam a great clean down, ideal with the dry wipes, Perfect for your soapy Reveals  ( we all know your been itching to do one ) Grab a pump bottle in 1.6 oz or there big 8oz

Salve-Vival, A natural aftercare
Firm to the touch but warms up nicely in your hands,providing easy coverage to your new tattoo , I use this during the process and find it to assist with stencil longevity and less irritation, Available in  10, 40, 60 and 150 gram Tins, Insures a perfect size for healing every tattoo
The soap is the OG hero and the results don’t lie
Perfect heals with minimal scabbing

I used only the Soap, with Soft flakes 4 days in on solid black work, healed in 7 ,this tells me the boys have the recipe perfected, available in a small bar of 2 blocks and there larger 6 block bar perfect.!

The only thing better than there bar soap is there liquid Castile soap,

Liquid gold – this stuff is good, I found it perfect for the first few days of healing

That first shower when you don’t even Wanna touch your tattoo, The liquid soap helps a lot with this and is my favourite product,it can also be diluted in your wash bottle, As a clean down during the process.

Aussie made and constantly evolving there ideas , In a recent order I received a coffee infused scrub – smells delightful and is a good abrasive scrub to rejuvenate your healed tattoos, used together with another new product in development, there ‘touch up’ aftercare an everyday moisturiser, I found myself applying it regularly not just to my tattoos.

Finally there limited shirts

Can you say attention to detail !

Wrapped in what is a play on a wonka chocolate bar

Fabs and Sam Clark, have collaborated on these and if it’s a sign of things to come your going to need the full range

Get in quick as there extremely limited 100 of each
The boys at numbskulled are genuine fellas, and I have a lot of respect for the products they’ve brought into the industry

It’s all about providing better products to expand this amazing culture

And this is the reason they are my first supply blog , I can’t wait to see what they have next up there sleeves

Cheers boys

IG  _numb_skulled

FB numbskulled


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