I’ve spent time at impact over the last year
and what I’ve found is family

The talent at impact is second to none, they strive to do the best possible work they can on each and every client

Rachel, possibly one of my dearest friends in the tattoo industry,
we both cut our teeth at chopper ink in Cessnock, under the watchful and experienced teachings of Clint Hawes.
This was the first time i met someone like me, someone battling there own demons, like me Rachel was getting tattooed and using tattooing as a tool to heal, Tattooing saves lives in one way or another.
I have tremendous respect for this girl as I’ve watched her progress through the years, not only in her tattooing, but into the woman she is today.

Jacob, new to the impact family from his own shop in Cobar, Jacobs skills and personality felt right at home, hearing his story i knew straight away this guy was another likeminded artist, That found himself through tattooing, Jacob is also a talented rapper, who can spit rhymes like a man possessed, i scored his original ep, trial and error, which i blast every day, big things coming from Mista Oomph.

Ali, this girl can tattoo, coming through from the fine arts world, she brings a style that really puts this shop in the forefront, Ali loves a lot of black in her tattoos but balances it out with a great composition, always focusing on a light source and where the shadows are, The only tattoo artist I’ve heard use chiaroscuro in a sentence and know what it meant, I proudly wear one of Alis tattoos on my ribs and we plan many more.

Viv, talks of the old days hanging out just round the corner, when the sign went up in the shop window, ‘tattoos by Deano, Pedro, Kelby’, having known Pedro (scotts father) from his days at crossroads,
Viv found his new home where he quickly picked up how a shop runs, Pushing to expand the business, teaching himself how to pierce and finding talented artists. 10 years on and Viv is the reason i believe this shop is as close as they are, He encourages artists to work there hardest and this man is the reason we have some of the best artists here in Australia, seeing the likes of Tater Tats, Joel Speelman, Demi Iacopetta, Megan Mary just to name a few coming up in that shop
VIV is impact.

Holly, is the youngest in the studio and coming through as an apprentice, You can see she has the skills, Possessing raw talent this girl can draw, if its anything to come she’s going to be a talented tattoo artist, i look forward to the day she starts to pump out some really amazing work and ill be there to help her achieve that goal.

Nell, brings a refreshing vibe to the shop, The unofficial lesbian tattooer of Newcastle, holds her own and I’m quite surprised how good she’s gotten so quick,
Nell doesn’t cop any cheek from the boys at impact and can deal it back just as good.

Alex, altho on maternity leave
After having a gorgeous little girl, Arielle
Alex is part of the impact family, specialising in ornamental dotwork and patterns, she is someone I look up to as this is the style of tattooing that I have gravitated towards,
Getting me back into the coil machines
My work has really excelled with her advice,
I wear a mandala on my head that’s Alex’s handy work, possibly one of my favourite tattoos,
I look forward to her coming back to the studio
So I can continue to learn the style of tattooing that she does so flawlessly
We have plans of a white face tattoo on myself
And Alex is only one Id consider todo it.

last but defiantly not least
Scott ,The boss, The owner of impact
not only a tattooer
but a creative mind that owns and runs kelby kustoms,
A motorcycle fabrication and paint shop that also specialises in hydodipping,
It doesn’t take long to see this man is a worker, i don’t know how he does it
sharing his time between the two shops, you can tell he has a passion and a vision for how he wants his businesses to be ran,
one of the best blokes you will ever have the pleasure of meeting,
and someone i have worlds of respect for.
he speaks of always staying humble,
Scott is the definition of the word.

‘I was never scared to die alone, until i knew what it was like to have a home’

I’m home at impact

333 Main Rd  Cardiff NSW

Instagrams -@impacttattoos
Ali -@ali_art13
Rachel -@racheleatsoreos
Jacob -@oomphytattsnraps
Nell -@nelltattoos
holly -@hollyfincher

Viv -@vivpiercer13
Scott -@kelbkustoms
Alex -@ms_wolfy

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