FLT Tattoo

FLT stands for Friendship, Love and Truth
And it shows when you head up the staircase into another world

A well thought out open plan studio that flows, Kitschy classy with an upscale feel
there’s a lot to look at ,  ‘this is a fun place to be’
You just know Arts being created here.

This Private,  Appointment only studio in Hamilton,  Allows the artists to focus on you and your new piece of artwork distraction free.
eddy-Lou an accomplished tattoo artist specialising in black illustrative style, like none other, A mixture of crosshatching and fine lines, beautiful when done correctly and she sets the bar.

Eddy decided it was time to break away and open her own studio, having worked in the Newcastle and Coastal areas,  Ed knew what was needed

The finished product is what you see before you
a studio that’s not long celebrated there 1 year ,
with an established vibe most never achieve.

Its got to be the environment,
Emily Breadner brings that traditional tattoo feel
possibly because she is covered in black work trad, all amazing timeless tattoos.
this speaks to me because she’s gone for something that will hold up forever in skin, ‘i want what she’s having” . Always look at what tattoo artists have tattooed on them , Emily has high standards and this shows in her work , Clean neat tattoos of a girl tattooing beyond her years.

Sophie Lewis brings a presence that makes this a cheery tattoo family
Sophie coming from another studio in Newcastle, Was eager to work with other like minded artists. I’ve seen this as a reflection in her tattoo work, there is a point you can see her tattooing evolve – how good is Instagram for this!,  Sophie’s work is a mix of a  colourful realistic/neo traditional style.

Sophie is supported by her partner Josh McGregor who is an artist in his own right, painting in oil Josh shows favour to dark disconnected artwork, I’m a fan of his work.

Eddy’s partner, Aaron aka ‘hats’,
I was tempted to call this post ‘hats’ because he is everything that embodies FLT, Creating his own form of art, Playing the guitar and singing, hats played an intimate wedding vow to eddy, after they tied the knot of 10 years together ,what a FRIENDSHIP.

Hats was also the man behind most of the hard labour to get the studio to where it is today, while keeping the fridge stocked with zooper doopers that’s LOVE.

You can just tell these two have it figured out, spending time with there two cats, Atticus and Winfred  who they love more than most humans , Ain’t that the TRUTH.

Hats off to the Girls of FLT

private studio is by appointment only
Hamilton NSW



– FLT Tattoo Studio
– Eddy-Lou tattoo artist

studio @flttattoostudio
Eddy @eddylou
Sophie @sophielewistattoos
Emily @furiousxkitten

Aaron’hats’Bennett @hatsbennett
Josh McGregor @joshmcgregorart

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