I got to share a few laughs with James Matthews the owner/operator of
Skin Blitz in Cessnock NSW over the weekend , we spoke about how he’s  heavily influenced by the old-school in all respects, tattooing and music which basically controls his whole life, while enjoying spending time with his wife Loren and son Zeke.

James has been tattooing 8 years in shops on January the 13th, while exceling in all styles, from portraits, black & grey realistic, bold line work/colourful traditional tattoos.

He pays tribute to the old school Tattooers like Jack Rudy who pioneered what all these black and grey artists should be thankful for today,
legend tattooers like Lyle Tuttle that have come before him,
Getting tattooed by les lee who had the first tattoo shop in Newcastle,
back when there where only 13 tattooers in the whole country.

I asked James what he thinks makes a good tattoo, and while tattooing in all its forms he appreciates, To James tattooing is Americana traditional, An Eagle or a Skull something with Bold lines, colour, bit of black shading, if you want something to stand the test of time this is it.

This is a style that tattooing will miss,
As these tattooers are disappearing
The guys that can solder needles, mix pigments and build a machine from scratch,

This is why he has a lot of time for his co-worker Jemery who took on a hard apprenticeship under John Nash – an Aussie tattooing legend.

James has taken on an apprentice, Braden Gill who is a talented artist who will learn a proper apprenticeship at Skin Blitz.

‘its sad to see where tattooing is going’ but he pays respect to any future artist that will take on a True apprenticeship learning not only the technical aspects of tattooing but the history of what makes your living.
“if you cant respring your coil machine maybe you shouldn’t be tattooing”

I was honoured to chat with James Matthews a future veteran tattooer and a Fuckenlegend.


Facebook – skinblitz
– tattoosbyjamesm

Instagram – @skinblitz
JAMES -@tattoosbyjamesm
JEMERY -@skinblitzco
BRADEN -@disobedient_youth

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